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Hair colour has gone from a discreet beauty secret to a fun and celebratory way to enhance your beauty, experiment, have fun and express yourself. And whether you opt for a beautiful cream and honey balayage, intense royal purple, or pale mint green, you want your hair colour to look as perfect as possible for as long as possible.

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Single Process Colour

Single process colour (or all-over colour) is one solid colour throughout the hair.  A full-colour service is one single colour applied from the roots to the ends of the hair with no dimension and the colour is fluid throughout all of the hair. This type of service is ideal for clients who love the look of one solid colour throughout the hair.

Face Framing Dimensional Colour/Hairline Balayage

Face framing highlights go hand in hand with a balayage because it’s a great way to add more brightness around the face while accentuating both the hair colour and facial features, creating a beautiful dimensional effect.

Full Dimensional Colour/Full Foil/Highlights

Dimensional colour means just that, adding dimension throughout the hair with a contrast of darker shades, lighter shades or highlights. Dimension is a contrast of light and dark tones. An example of dimensional colour may be created by adding waves of lighter hair colour to naturally dark hair or shades of darker colour to lighter hair. Dimensional colour can be achieved through several techniques including highlights, balayage, ombre and other processes. Keep in mind that certain techniques work better on different hair colours, lengths, and textures.

Partial Dimensional Colour/Full Foil/Highlights

Partial foil highlighting creates a natural, sun-lightened appearance which varies based on a guest’s personal preference. Unlike full foil highlighting, which applies pieces of colour to your entire head (including underneath), partial foil highlighting focuses on the top and sides of your head. This is the area which would normally be affected by the sun’s natural hair lightening affects, allowing results to be very natural in appearance. Typically, foiling will be done from ear to ear, and fringe to crown. The process is very customizable, so be sure to speak with your stylist about your desired final look.

Transformational Colour

This is when someone wants a palette change (think, going blonde to brunette or brunette going blonde), This service requires a consultation.

Going from a darker shade to a lighter shade – requires the use of a Decolorizer. We prefer to do a strand test to ensure that the hair is still healthy enough to go through this intense process.  A small sample of hair is taken (usually from the back of the head) placed in a foil and then processed.  Within 20 minutes we will be able to determine how light we can get the hair without losing the integrity of the hair.

Upon the results of the strand test, we will provide you with a rough estimate as to what your services will cost for that day along with the recommendation of products that you must use to help revive your hair.

Going from a lighter shade to a darker shade –  Blonde or light colour has very little colour pigment.  Applying the final colour to your blonde or light hair will simply make it appear spotted and dull.  Therefore, we must fill the hair with colour using a multi-step process.  This is slightly more complicated than a double process and is also priced by the hour.

Colour Correction

Has your Do-It-Yourself Hair Colour ended in horrible results? Leave it to us the professionals to fix it. Book your complimentary Colour Correction consultation with one of our highly qualified and educated stylists today!

There are several reasons for a colour correction; a change in season, a reinvention, or perhaps it was a home hair colour gone wrong. Whatever the reason here are a few things you should know…

Bleach and Tone

This is where 100% of the hair is bleached. This is the lightest and brightest possible choice. it requires a hair consultation for new clients.

Blonde Balayage

How would you like to sport a hair color that looks as if you’ve spent the summer by the sea? That’s the goal of blonde balayage—streaks of light throughout your blonde hair, placed to look as if the sun had done the job.

With blonde balayage, every day is a day at the beach!

Brown Balayage

If you’re looking for a way to take your brown hair to the next level, brown balayage was made for you. Beautiful, hand-painted highlights in tones of gold, champagne, butter, bronze or caramel will infuse your hue with depth, dimension, vibrancy and shine. Get ready for brunette 2.0!

Colorful Ombré and Balayage

What’s better than a colorful pistachio, peony, or sapphire hair colour? How about a balayage or ombré version of your favorite fashion color? By adding variations on tone (lighter and darker sections) to your hue of choice, your colour instantly becomes more sophisticated, more nuanced…and more intriguing!

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